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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide for PayPal service account


PayPal service account is a service which allows transferring and getting money from person to person

Without any problems using 2%-3% percent of the deal

In PayPal ex workers  , we can see YouTube founder


Get in by clicking this banner

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

You will reach the next screen click on the sign up now In order to open account


Choosing the first option personal accounts for those who want to transfer and get money

Choosing the second option premier accounts for those who want to buy a lot using E-Bay

If you choose this option you will have to enter your credit card one time only

in order to make deals in future

Choosing business accounts for business founders

You must choose the country or region you live in

You must enter details in registration  

First name

Last name

Address 1

Address 2 (Optional)



Postal code

Home Telephone

Work Telephone ((Optional

Mobile Telephone (Optional)

You must enter your email twice and your password twice

You must select 2 security questions and 2 security answers

Enter your details so you can always log on to PayPal

You must agree to the terms of license by choosing yes and then click on sign up

You if choose the second option now you will need to enter your credit card

Now , a welcome to paypal account service email will be sent to you

The main screen of your account:

In add founds , you can add your money by 2 ways

Using American bank account which is located in united states

By using credit card (the best option for Israel country)

you must enter your credit card and how much you give to your PayPal account

Send money option , pay anyone tab

Sending money to paypal account holders

Recipient's Email – entering the recipients email

Amount – how much money to send to him

Currency – which local coin to use

Category of Purchase

Email Subject (Optional)

Note ((Optional

Pay for EBay items tab – also can be done using eBay site


Request money option , create a money request tab

Asking a money from person you are serving

Recipient Email



Email Subject


Ending Comments:

If you have been cheated , if you didn't get the product you want after the payment

You are welcome to contact paypal

Paypal got a whole department which is dealing with cheating , and can bring you the money back

Opening paypal account is free of cost

The only payment is 2% - 3% percent for a deal

Don't try to open a fictional bank account paypal will get on it and will close your account




The guide was written by Hermon.

And translated to English by the Xpert.

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