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Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ

Welcome to the Q & A Technical FAQ


Guide for buying domain


In order to have a website we must buy a domain which cost up to 9 dollar a year

In addition to it , we must have web site stored in monthly payment or yearly payment

The next guide will be based on one of the most big domains company in the world

The American company– Goddady

Enter the Goddady by clicking the banner here

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains






You will reach buying domain page

Enter the address that you would like to buy

Now the domain is available (sometimes you get sales)

Go to bottom of the page and click on:

The next page will shown up

If you wouldn’t like more domains click on continue checkout

Choose the second bubble

Fulfill your domain registration details (if you would like an anonymous domain you will get further details next)

Choose the number of years for buying the domain

If you would like the domain to be private and keep your privacy, you will need to add few more dollars a year

If you wish so choose deluxe registration

If you would like to pass the domain privately to another storage , you will have to pay more

If you wish so , choose protected storage

If you would storage choose show me

If you would like to quick pay without knowing how much it will cost choose quick checkout

If you clicked the second option the following which will be explained here will not shown up

If you select show me (everything here cost money)

You can choose your hosting plan (storage plan)

Economy – basic storage on windows or Linux server and how much time you want it

Deluxe – more sophisticated storage (more disk space)

Premium – most sophisticated storage (most disk space)

You can add more option like quick blog


Select your email account

Add your email and how much storage you would like it to be

Help Me Build my Own Web Site

An option for buying accessories and design templates


An option for buying in SSL certificate (the most advanced security certificate in the world)


I need to Drive Traffic to my Web Site

An Option for help with search engine for promotion

Easily create, manage and publish your own podcast

An option for create sound files for uploading to site


Choose continue

For the selectors of first option

If you haven't bought anonymous domain , you will now have the option to do so

If you wouldn't like to click on continue to checkout


Now choose the payment method

Credit card

Credit Card account – for ones who are registered already

Pay by Check – not available in Israel


Gift Card

Mark v in the brackets

Choose checkout now


If you are a new customers enter your details , which only godaddy will know

Enter your name and password and you email

If you would like to be informed about sales and product updates choose yes in part 3

Press on continue checkout

If you have choose credit card now you will need to enter its details


That’s it

You finished buying a domain or storage or both , you must setup your servers in your account

You will get acceptation in second or minutes if you have gmail and domain by 3 hours max

Go back to goddady site

Choose Domains-My Domain Names


You will be asked to enter user name and password

Enter your domain


Now select NameServers


Setup your NameServers if you didn't done so yet


Enter main storage page

In 72 hours all the internet service providers will be shown up (it usually takes 10 hours)

After it showed up you can storage your site


If you bought storage using Hosting &Servers-My Hosting Account


Choose your storage and click open


You will reach the next page

 Server IP Address

Bandwidth Allotment

Operating System

Hosting Configuration


Account Login

Manage FTP Users

Domain Management

The guide was written by Hermon.

And translated to English by the Xpert.

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